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Karura --named for the enormous divine bird guardian-- is a ship to hold a generation. Moving between star systems, it offers its residents employment, adventure and a place to call home.

The ones who join Karura on its flight are those who seek a life beyond that found on a single planet. Some wish to extend their reach beyond a few office walls, others yearn to be the first to see something new while still more just want to find people like themselves. These are the lifeblood of Karura that call the ship their family.

With stars set between yawning voids of nothingness, Karura’s family are here for the long haul. Very few passengers can come and go regularly and all are committed to building their lives within the belly of the massive spaceship.

The Karura and game setting
Game play and rules
Current character roles
Applications and reserves
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Who: Echizen Ryoma and Atobe Keigo
What: Echizen shows Atobe how to play ‘The Sims’.
Where: Echizen’s quarters
When: Shortly after Mizuki's anonymous advice post.

We will have to have a baby )
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There is no place more appropriate to celebrate White Day than the Ice Bar. Bartenders serve the selection of ivory cocktails in sparkling crystal glasses on chunks of ice. Platters of delicate hors d'oeuvres decorate the tables, consisting of quail eggs, miniature goat cheese quiches, oysters in their half-shell, sushi rolls and other vanilla coloured tasters. Origami trees boast flowers of white chocolate truffles wrapped in paper that can be unravelled to reveal your fortune in romance.

Can you feel the love tonight?
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Who: Fuji Syuusuke and Zaizen Hikaru
What: Directly after this post, a post-war debriefing turns into a rather physical breakdown of negotiations. Is it ever really over?
Where: Zaizen's room
Rating: R
Warnings: Zaizen and Fuji. Also, there's kissing.

What colour does Tezuka like on his toenails? )
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Who: Yukimura Seiichi and 2 out of 3 Echizens
What: Yukimura tries to get information
Where: Space internet
When: Space time
Warnings/Notes: Nanjirou is creepy

Especially for having such a manly name )
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Who: Oishi Shuichiro and Kikumaru Eiji
What: Oishi gifts Eiji a very appropriate late birthday present
Where: Oishi’s quarters; Eiji’s quarters
When: the night of 1/13; the morning of 1/14
Warnings/Notes: Inappropriate sexualization of simple exercise device

D’you think I shouldn’t do this with my clothes on? )
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Who: Oishi Shuichiro and Atobe Keigo
What: Atobe offers Oishi the benefits of his excellent advice as bar owner of Karura’s premium drinking establishment.™ invites Oishi to discuss his problems over a drink
Where: The Ice Bar
When: The night of Mizuki's advice post
Warnings/Notes: Very Terrible Advice & Bitter Cynicism

Medic, there are people on oxygen deprived planets that are less confused than you are. )
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Who: Oshitari Yuushi and Atobe Keigo
What: Atobe needs assistance in hard to reach places.
Where: Atobe’s quarters
When: After Zaizen releases certain photographs of a compromised bar owner
Warnings/Notes: Not to be read with food. (And maybe even PG-13. Scandalous~)

Keigo... You should probably have more sex )
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